Team Details

Jeff Spinardi

Operations & Maintenance
A Passion for Renewables.
I want to leave Planet Earth better than I got it. I feel a sense of responsibility to solve human created problems such as climate change. I want to a leader of change so that my kids can enjoy the same world and environment I have been able to.
I am SB Energy.
The passion and team-first mentality of the organization and each employee led me to SB Energy. SB Energy puts emphasis on culture, value of the individual and the collective team; then backs this up through support of employees in achieving their goals personal and professional. Above all else, I feel valued and I know my coworkers value me, and vice-versa. Finally, SB Energy is not in the industry to build a few MWs each year, the goal is to be the best and build the most. At SB Energy I can quickly have a large impact on the industry and on the world in terms of climate change mitigation and beyond.