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Mahdi Motalleb

Project Design
A Passion for Renewables.
Energy is not only the largest industry on the planet, but it is the enabler of any other industry. I am really passionate about renewable energy industry and making a contribution to help prevent further damage to the environment. Using solar (and energy storage) really can make a difference. I spent more than a decade of my life to work in the renewable energy industry. Also in my PhD and PostDoc programs, my focus was to create advanced technologies to facilitate higher penetration of renewable energy resources. My publication are available here:
I am SB Energy.
I think climate change is one of the most critical problems in the 21st century. One reason for joining SoftBank Energy is because I wanted to be part of the group of smart people who dedicate their lives in clean energy and want to tackle climate change through working on large scale solar and energy storage projects. Also, at SoftBank Energy, I am able to use my academic/industry experience in the most efficient way since SoftBank Energy will be the owner of the projects and quality and utilizing the most advance technologies are really important in the projects.